The Era of Green Buildings has come!


Green Prefab brings Building Industry into the paradigm of digital
production to make green buildings affordable and performative

  • free access to open libraries of manufactured systems
  • eco-efficiency and cost analysis pre-tested in concept phase
  • 3D life-cycle model sharing online
  • purchase order system

Green Prefab is candidate to become the leader solution in the field andhelping the world in reducing energy waste.

The system collects real-time info on the status of the building connecting it to an annotated online data system working in a cloud computing and robust PLM environment. Large libraries of 3d real life industrial components are available to designers in any part of the world.

Joining the biggest community online for
prefabricated buildings is free

Enter in a fast growing worldwide network of designers, suppliers, clients, with their own projects already opened.


You never had thought to have access to star-architects industrial production level for free

Join Green Prefab and get free access to:

  • a catalogue of prefabricated component available for your project
  • a web space where to share your 3D BIM model made by components
  • a series of tools to pre-analise eco-efficiency and costs, so you can compare offers and proceed with purchase order
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free + incentives (%) for bringing new users with you


Product Supplier

Reach new purchase orders throughout an integrated process

Benefit from the subscription:

  • enter the fastest growing community in prefabrication
  • upload your codified products into the system and start to get orders
  • control and share any data any moment
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pay % on confirmed purchase orders


Forecast and follow minute by minute what is happening to your project, and receive trustful forecast before proceeding

Green Prefab is opening position for pilot case candidatures in the following areas:

  • emergency solutions
  • datacenters
  • high performances buildings any kind
  • social houses
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Recent Updates

Green prefab established the biggest LinkedIn group for “prefab”. Join our super-skilled and passionated community.

Investors Relations

Ended within 2013 with more than $ 800K in private and public investments, Green Prefab is now going to increment the budget to deliver properly the first apps to the early stakeholders of the community.
Next investment goal:

500k $ for the enabling system (in 6M, 200k $ already onboard) 2 mln $ for the global platform (in 6Q, open)

Green Prefab is possible thanks to the support of several partners,
bodies and international organization.
Following the current partner:





Green Prefab has incubated at: